recover surplus funds from your foreclosure

Don’t leave behind thousands of dollars after your home foreclosure! Our team of highly trained specialists will help you and your family reclaim surplus funds, owed to you.

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What we do

Recover your surplus funds

At Campbells Surplus Recovery, we make it our mission to help individuals and families alike, to locate and recover any possible funds remaining, after a home or property foreclosure. Our team does all of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We audit 100s of legal foreclosure documents and government agencies, all across the country, in an effort to locate and recover funds that are rightfully yours.

Who We Are

About Us

Veteran owned and operated, Campbells Surplus Recovery’s focus is helping families find hope, stability and financial recovery following a foreclosure. Campbells Surplus Recovery is based in Ludowici, GA and serves both Georgia and Florida residents.

How we do it

how we help you


claims research

To determine whom is the legal claimant, our team of experience professionals will provide thorough research of your claim. We also research any and all other lien holders who may potentially have a claim to part, or even all, of the surplus funds.



Prepare & File

Our team will prepare all of your legal claims documents, and deliver them to you to be signed. Once returned we will finalize and file your complete claims package with the proper agency.



Claims Follow-Up

To ensure your claim keeps moving forward towards a resolution, we consistently follow-up on your behalf throughout the entire claims process. Our team will respond to any additional requests from the agency and ensure your claim does not get side tracked.



Funds Distribution

Once your claim has been approved by the proper agency, we will contact you with the details and ensure your funds get to you within 10 days.

Hurry! the clock is ticking

Act fast before the deadline expires

If your foreclosed home or property was sold at auction for more than what you owed your lien holders and creditors, you may be entitled to a reimbursement. Each state has their own strict deadlines. If this excess money is not claimed in time, then the remainder is forfeited to the government and cannot be recovered.

Get all of the facts

Why they don't want you to hire us?

Government agencies do not want to return your surplus funds to you. If they did, they would just return them as a part of the original foreclosure process. Right? Therefore, these same agencies will warn you to avoid companies like ours, informing you that you can attempt to recover your excess funds on your own, at no cost. However, what they fail to mention is that the claims process is time consuming and often difficult. There is a reason so many people, just like you, have trusted us to help them navigate the claims process.

Here at Campbells Surplus Recovery, we provide a valuable service to you and your family, and accept all of the risk in the process. By working on a contingency basis, we do get a small percentage of any funds recovered. However if we are unsuccessful in regaining your excess funds, we make nothing and absorb all of the expenses associated with filing and processing your claim for you.  

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Completely Risk-Free

how much will it cost?

There is zero upfront cost for you! We provide our services on a contingency basis. Which means that any and all expenses and fees associated with processing and filing your claim, including legal fees, are paid for by Campbells Surplus Recovery. Upon the successful completion of your claim, we receive a small percentage of your reclaimed funds, with you receiving the largest share. In the event that our team is unable to successfully regain your excess funds, which is very rare, you will owe us absolutely nothing and we will absorb all of the expenses.

You read that right. We only get paid for our services, if you get paid!

Let's get your money back, where it belongs

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