Frequently Asked Questions

What does your company do?

Campbells Surplus Recovery helps individuals and families locate and recover, excess or surplus funds remaining after the sale of your foreclosed property or home.

Where does the surplus money come from?

Following a foreclosure, properties are often sold at auction. Commonly properties sell for more than what is owed to creditors and lien holders. Resulting in a surplus of funds. Any excess funds not recovered by the deadline, set by the state, is forfeited and cannot be recovered.

What areas do you service?

Campbells Surplus Recovery is based in Ludowici, GA and proudly serves all of Georgia and Florida.

Where is my claim being held and for what amount?

Since we operate on a contingency bases, with zero upfront fees, it is our policy not to disclose the location of the funds until an agreement is signed. After the signing of our contingency fee agreement, we will graciously disclose the location of your funds, file your claim, and keep you informed throughout the entire claims process.

Why should I hire you?

Locating and claiming surplus funds after a foreclosure is a difficult and time consuming task. Our team is certified and highly trained in recovering these funds. In addition, our experts have access to resources that are not readily available to the general public. Greatly improving the odds of recovering your money.

How much will this cost me?

Campbells Surplus Recovery works on a contingency basis. Therefore, there are zero upfront fees for you. Instead, we receive a small percentage of the recovered funds. If the claim is unsuccessful, which is very rare, you owe us nothing and we absorb all of the expnses.

how long does the claims process take?

From the date of filing to the time you receive your funds can be as little as 90 – 120 days, depending on the claim type and agency. Due to COVID-19 the process may take a little longer.

How do I get started with recovering my money?

Contact us, Campbells Surplus Recovery, to discuss the details of your claim with one of our recovery experts. We will then send you documents to sign and return. Once we have received your signed documents, we will compile your complete claim package and file it with the appropriate agency within 48 hours.

Let's get your money back, where it belongs

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